Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 3 - Sunday August 9th

Our 3rd day started off with breakfast at Grandma's. Grandma Fern had made arrangements with her neighbour who raises ponies for us to visit. The ponies were very sweet. The three older kids enjoyed it. However, they were quite scary to a two year old.

This white pony was about 4 months old. Although the owner was concerned the young ponies might try to nibble on the kids, this pony was very gentle.. He didn't have a name as yet, so my girls called him Ice Cream.

The Taylors headed to SSM to visit family. Our family stayed on the Island for the day. We had several more days to visit. Although their never seems like there is enough time to visit everyone.
Next entry will be St. Joseph Island Museum and some more family pics...

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